Vicksburg 1863

Vicksburg 1863

Grant clears the Mississippi

Campaign 26
  • Author: Alan Hankinson
  • Short code: CAM 26
  • Publication Date: 30 Sep 1993
  • Number of Pages: 96
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The 1863 Vicksburg campaign was to prove decisive to the outcome of the American Civil War. Known as the 'Gibraltar of the West', Vicksburg was the last Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River. In a masterly campaign Grant used riverboats and steamers to land his army south of the city. He then defeated the armies of Generals 'Joe' Johnston and John C. Pemberton. Pemberton allowed his force to become bottled up in Vicksburg and after an epic 47-day siege he was forced to surrender the remnants of his force to Grant on 4 July 1863, one day after Lee's defeat at Gettysburg.

Biographical Note

Alan Hankinson has completed two volumes for Osprey on the American Civil War. Highly respected in his field, Alan's authoritative text clearly displays his passion for, and knowledge of the subject.


The Opposing Commanders
The Opposing Armies
The Strategic Situation, Autumn 1862
Grant's Winter Problems
The March Begins
Living Off the Land
The Battle of Champion Hill
The Siege of Vicksburg
The Consequences
The Battlefield Today
A Guide to Further Reading
Wargaming Vicksburg

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