USAAF Bomber Units

USAAF Bomber Units

Pacific 1941–45

  • Author: Eric Munday
  • Illustrator: Terry Hadler
  • Publication Date: 15 Jul 1979
  • ISBN: 9780850452969
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 1
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About this Product

This book traces the combat histories of USAAF bomber units flying in China, Burma, India and the North and Central Pacific. The major aircraft types operated by the USAAF during this period are all covered, and their missions detailed. Aircraft markings and aircrew uniforms are shown in full colour illustrations.

Biographical Note

Terry Hadler has illustrated a number of Osprey titles over the years, and has a special interest in armoured vehicles. Chris Warner is a well-known military artist and has illustrated several books for the Osprey Men-at-Arms series. He is truly versatile in his painting and has illustrated a variety of subjects from 17th century armies to the Boxer Rebellion. Jerry Scutts has worked in the field of aviation publishing since the late 1960s, writing over 40 books that have covered a broad spectrum of subject matter ranging from US Navy floatplane fighters in World War 2 to the exploits of the USAF's Phantom IIs over Vietnam.

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