So we have covered Men-at-Arms and Elite, which just leaves us with our final series in the trio - Warrior. With all of the exciting new stuff that has been happening this year (the results of which will be revealed in an upcoming blog) it is good to see that Warrior is set to carry on with a strong selection of titles lined up for 2013. Questions have been asked as to whether Warrior will be able to reach a landmark 200th title in the future - well on the basis of this list it should make that double century quite easily!


WAR 166 Roman Legionary AD 69-161 (Apr 2013)

WAR 167 Early Aegean Warrior 3000-1450 BC (Jun 2013)

WAR 168 French Musketeer (Jul 2013)

WAR ??? Italian Soldier in North Africa 1941-43 (Nov 2013)


So if you could all give me a "One for all and all for one", and let us know what you think of the Warrior list for 2013 that would be brilliant!