We are very, very excited to announce that the first ever Osprey audio book is now available on Audible.com and Audible.co.uk!

The first book chosen to receive the 'audio treatment' is none other than one of our Command books, CMD 3 George S Patton.

Of course, not all of our books are going to work in an audio format (particularly something like a Men-at-Arms which is so reliant on the figure art and photos), so we are being very particular about which books we do release as audiobooks - next up is another Command title, CMD 8 Henry V, which we hope will be ready in the next few weeks.

We have teamed up with the folk over at Creative Content to make these audiobooks, and they have done a great job!

If you have any requests for what books we should give the audio treatment to, let us know!

Patton is $14.77 in the US and £11.19 in the UK.

Patton is also available as an ebook - making it officially the Osprey book available in the most formats. Ever. Which is pretty cool!