US Marine Rifleman in Vietnam 1965–73

US Marine Rifleman in Vietnam 1965–73

Warrior 23
  • Author: Charles D. Melson
  • Illustrator: Ramiro Bujeiro
  • Short code: WAR 23
  • Publication Date: 15 Mar 1998
  • Number of Pages: 64
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This volume provides an in-depth look at the experience of the ordinary US marine 'grunt' in Vietnam. Organisation of the corps, weaponry, equipment, uniforms, training and medical arrangements are all discussed. However, where this book differs from other similar works is not only in the detail that it goes into but also in the unifying theme of examining all these differing aspects of marine life from the point of view of a soldier serving in the conflict. The author, Charles Melson, actually served in Vietnam, and it is this personal experience that allows him to provide such a unique angle on the subject.

Biographical Note

Charles Melson joined the Marines in 1967. Among other conflicts, his service included the war in Vietnam. From 1986, he was a writer with the Marine Corps Historical Centre and a working member of the Marine Corps Uniform Board. His work for Osprey includes the Elite titles Vietnam Marines and Marine Recon 1940-90. Ramiro Bujeiro has established himself as one of the top military artists in his home country of Argentina. His reputation has enabled him to work on a wide range of projects. He is considered to be one of Osprey's finest artists.


Introduction Chronology Enlistment Training Everyday Life In Vietnam Organisation For Combat Campaign Life In Vietnam Uniforms, Equiptment, Weapons Supply And Resupply Medevac In Battle Groups And Organisations Museums And Collections

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