Written by Joseph A. McCullough
Illustrated by Biagio D'Alessandro

A 40-card deck of special missions, plots, and objectives from which players
can draw to add extra intrigue to their games.

The goal for most of the independent crews operating throughout the Ravaged Galaxy is that one big score that will set them up for life. Such scores are few and far between, so crews typically find themselves taking whatever jobs they can scrounge – anything for a quick credit.
Anyone can sell an alien artefact or a set of neural-fuses,
but smart captains know that there are myriad ways to turn a profit…

This expansion for Stargrave consists of 40 Side Hustle cards – missions, plots, and tasks that add variety, depth, and new tactical challenges to wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy. Each card presents a specific objective… and the rewards for achieving it. Some of these missions must be revealed, while others are kept secret. Is your crew attempting to insert a data virus into a key system? Locate a political prisoner? Uncover evidence of a secret scientific cabal? Every crew is out to grab some loot, but what’s your captain’s side hustle?

Stargrave: Side Hustle is out today in the UK and already available in the US.

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