Today marks the UK publication date for Village Green: A Game of Pretty Gardens and Petty Grudges. Unfortunately there has been an unforeseen delay to North American stock and therefore orders for the US and Canada are scheduled to be fulfilled in November 2020.

Village Green is a 1-5 player card game designed by Peer Sylvester, with players taking on the role of rival gardeners competing to bring home the prestigious Village Green of the Year award. Arrange flowers, plant trees, maintain lawns, and create water features to impress the judges. Just remember – only one of you can claim the ultimate prize, so you’d better make sure those snobs from Lower Aynesmore don’t have the most impressive display…

Learn to Play with Watch It Played

Check out this great video from Rodney at Watch It Played for a fantastic explanation of the rules! You can also download the rulebook for the game here. 

What do people think?

We love the game, but you might be hoping to get an outside opinion - here are some of the reviews that have come in about Village Green!

Zee Garcia from The Dice Tower gave the game an 8 out of 10 and the Seal of Approval, saying it was one of the best Peer Sylvester designs he had ever played! 

Mike DiLisio from The Dice Tower also gave the game the Seal of Approval in his review, which focussed on the solo mode for the game.

For those of you who prefer written reviews, you can check out Matt Thrower's recent review on There Will Be Games!


Want to see if you can create the most impressive Village Green? Order your copy of Peer Sylvester's Village Green today!