Foreign Panthers

The Panzer V in British, Soviet, French and other service 1943–58

Foreign Panthers cover

Foreign Panthers

The Panzer V in British, Soviet, French and other service 1943–58

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A study of the little-known career of Germany's Panther, perhaps the greatest tank of World War II, in foreign hands both during and after the war.

The Panther was arguably the most successful medium tank design of World War II, demonstrated by the number of Germany's enemies that used them after, and even during the war.

While some were used by the Western Allies, the Russians used the greatest number of captured Panthers against Nazi Germany, though they did not find much favour thanks to their mechanical unreliability and difficulty in acquiring spare parts. After the war, they were mostly passed on to satellite states such as Bulgaria and Romania. The French army also used them in significant numbers after the war with approximately 50 in service from 1946 to 1950, and they were a significant influence on future French tank design.

Using detailed artwork and contemporary photographs, this fascinating book tells the little-known story of the Panther tank in foreign hands in World War II and beyond.

Table of Contents

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Technical evaluation of the Panther by British, Canadian, US and Soviet forces during and after the war
Use of captured Panthers by Soviet, British, French and Polish forces during the war
Postwar use of the Panther
Impact of the Panther on postwar French tank design
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Published 24 Nov 2022
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