Toni Wirtanen

Toni Wirtanen’s father was an active member of the Finnish army reservist officer guild, and at a young age Toni got involved with the many activities the army has to offer to volunteer civilians and reservists in Finland. After graduating from high school with highest grades, Wirtanen served in the Kymi Jäger Battalion/Karelian Brigade as an infantry anti-tank specialist. He was discharged with honors as a lance corporal, but has later attained the rank of a corporal due to his activity in the reservist core. The Finnish Defence Forces has subsequently awarded Toni Wirtanen the following decorations: • Panssariristi (Armour Cross) • Maanpuolustusmitali, pronssinen (National Defense medal in bronze) • Sininen Risti (Blue Cross) Toni Wirtanen is best known for his work as the singer/guitarist/songwriter in the rock band Apulanta, founded in 1991. The band has had 21 number 1 hit singles in Finland - a semi-official world record. Apulanta has 29 gold, platinum and/or multi-platinum selling recordings. The band has been awarded an Emma-prize (the Finnish equivalent of a Grammy) several times during it's career. All the Apulanta material has been written by Toni Wirtanen. The band's work continues to receive praise, especially for it's lyrics. Toni Wirtanen also has his own TV-series called "Toni Wirtanen undercover".

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