To Live and Die in the West

To Live and Die in the West

The American Indian Wars

  • Author: Jason Hook
  • Illustrator: Richard Hook
  • Publication Date: 1 Nov 1999
  • ISBN: 9781841760186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 160
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About this Product

This book combines Warrior 4: ‘US Cavalryman 1865-1890', Men-at-Arms 163: ‘The American Plains Indians' and Men-at-Arms 186: ‘The Apaches'. The apocalyptic clashes of culture between the land-hungry Whites and the American Indians, which reached their climax in the latter half of the 19th century, were among the most tragic of all wars ever fought. These conflicts pitted one civilisation against another, neither able to comprehend or accomodate the other. To the victor went domination of the continent, to the vanquished the destruction of their way of life. This volume describes those who took part in these wars, focusing on the Plains Indians such as the Sioux and the Cheyenne, the Apache peoples of the south-west, and their implacable foe, the US Cavalry.

Biographical Note

Jason Hook graduated from the University of Kent with a first class honours degree in English and American Literature. A former Senior Editor at Wayland Publishing, Jason has written extensively on the subject of Native Americans. Martin Pegler was born in 1954 and educated at Hampton School and London University. He is a Senior Curator of weapons at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds; his hobbies include shooting historic firearms and touring Europe by motorcycle. Richard Hook is one of the world's greatest military illustrators and has contributed to more than 30 Osprey titles. He is also an authority on the native peoples of North America, a subject for which he has had a life-long passion. Christa Hook is one of Osprey's most popular illustrators, a reputation justly deserved given the perfect blend of attention to detail and narrative realisation that characterises her artwork. Peter Sarson is regarded as one of the world's great illustrators of military weapons and vehicles. Peter lives and works in Dorset. David Sque has worked on a wide range of titles for Osprey, including Medieval Chinese armies and the Irish Wars. He lives and works in Dorset.


Introduction Historical Background Chronology Enlistment Training Uniform and Equipment Weapons Field Service Combat and Tactics Wounds and Sickness Campaigns Sites of Interest Glossary Introduction Community structure and camp life Hunting and the horse War Religion, ceremony and medicine Conquest The plates Introduction The Apache tribes Apache life War Religion The Apache Wars War with the Americans The Plates Bibliography

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