The United States Army 1783–1811

The United States Army 1783–1811

Men-at-Arms 352
  • Author: James Kochan
  • Illustrator: David Rickman
  • Short code: MAA 352
  • Publication Date: 25 May 2001
  • ISBN: 9781841760872
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

When the Revolutionary War ended Washington's victorious Continental Army was disbanded. The infant United States had very mixed feelings about standing armies; but years of Indian-fighting on the frontier emphasised the need for a force larger than Josiah Harmar's original 700-man 1st American Regiment. In the event Secretary Hamilton's far-sighted reforms, which produced 'Wayne's Legion' in the early 1790s, were to be short-lived, and it took later threats of international war to stimulate the eventual expansion of the young US Army. James Kochan's meticulously researched study of a dramatic and confused period in American military history - the years of St Clair's disaster, 'Mad Anthony' Wayne's victory at Fallen Timbers, and Harrison's at Tippecanoe - is illustrated with many rare and important paintings and drawings.

Biographical Note

James L Kochan spent nearly two decades as a museum director and curator, principally with the US National Park Service and Army Museum System, and most recently at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate. Two years ago he formed his own antiques business and historical consultancy, including film and television technical advisory work, which is based at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. The co-author of Don Troiani's Soldiers in America, 1754-1865, he has written innumerable articles and has organised important exhibitions, including Treasures from Mount Vernon: George Washington Revealed.David Rickman is the exhibits co-ordinator for the Delaware state parks system, where his favourite project is helping to restore and furnish an American Civil War-era seacoast fortress. At other times he is a freelance illustrator specialising in historical and ethnographic subjects. His works are in the collections of the National Park Service, parks Canada and various other museums and historic sites. The son of a US Navy aviator, Mr Rickman grew up in California, has lived in Japan and now lives in Wilmington, Delaware with his wife, Deborah.


- The 1782 Regulations - Disbandment of Army, 1783 - First American Regiment, 1784-86 - Harmar's expedition, 1790 - St Clair's massacre, 1791 - Wayne's Legion, 1792-94 - The Provisional Army, 1797-1800 - Harrison at Tippecanoe, 1811

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