The SA 1921–45

The SA 1921–45

Hitler's Stormtroopers

Men-at-Arms 220
  • Author: David Littlejohn
  • Illustrator: Ronald Volstad
  • Short code: MAA 220
  • Publication Date: 22 Mar 1990
  • ISBN: 9780850459449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

In 1919 Adolf Hitler joined the tiny German Workers' Party (DAP) in Munich, becoming its leader the following year and adding 'National Socialist' to its title. Thus the NSDAP, popularly known as the Nazi Party, was born. All political parties had strong-arm squads to protect their meetings from disruption by rivals, and the NSDAP was no exception. In August 1921 ex-naval Lieutenant Hans Ulrich Klintzsch took command of the NSDAP's 'Defence and Propaganda Troop' which, the following month, was renamed the SA (Sturmabteilung = Storm Detachment). David Littlejohn's fine text examines the history, uniforms and insignia of Hitler's stormtroopers.

Biographical Note

David Littlejohn lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has had a life long interest in this subject and has a particular interest in uniform and insignia. This is his first book for Osprey.Ronald Volstad is one of the world's most respected military illustrators and has contributed to Osprey titles including the superb 'US Army Airborne 1940-90. He currently lives and works in Alberta, Canada.


History of the Sturmabteilung Organisation Organisation Evolution of SA Uniform Special SA Formations Other Specialist Sections 'Police' and Para-Military SA Formations The Plates

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