The Russian Army 1914–18

The Russian Army 1914–18

Men-at-Arms 364
  • Author: Nik Cornish
  • Illustrator: Andrei Karachtchouk
  • Short code: MAA 364
  • Publication Date: 25 Nov 2001
  • ISBN: 9781841763033
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

Often overshadowed by the drama of its catastrophic collapse in the November 1917 Revolution, the Imperial Russian Army's record in 1914-16 included some notable victories. Its human qualities of patriotism and endurance were remarkable, and in 1916 the 'Brusilov Offensive' on the South-Western Front outdistanced anything that was being achieved in France. The variety and romance of its uniforms - infantry and cavalry, Guards and Line, Cossacks, armour and Air Service crewmen, even a priest - are splendidly captured here by Russia's leading military artist; and Nik Cornish's expert text is supported by tables of insignia and many rare photographs.

Biographical Note

NIK CORNISH was born in Cardiff in 1954, and currently lives and works in exile in the south of England. Formerly a teacher, he founded STAVKA Military Research, specialising in eastern European conflicts, at the end of the last century. This is his first book for the Osprey Military series.ANDREI KARACHTCHOUK was born in 1966 in the town of Mitishi, not far from Moscow where he now lives and works. He is a well-known artist of military subjects in Russia, and is active in re-enactment circles. He is also a sculptor who makes, among other projects, master models for the UK-based Anglo-Russian Toy Soldier (ARTS) Company. His previous work for Osprey Military appears in MAA 293 & 305, Russian Civil War Armies (1) Red Army, and (2) White Armies.


Introduction: the Russian Army and society The 'Great Programme': military and industrial reforms in 1914 The strategic situation Organisation of the armed forces Chronology of campaigns Uniforms: Parade & service dress, Guards, line, Cossacks, specialist troops and services Non-Russian formations Russian elite units Weapons Tactics Colour plates commentary

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