The Maginot Line 1928–45

The Maginot Line 1928–45

Fortress 10
  • Author: William Allcorn
  • Illustrator: Jeff Vanelle, Vincent Boulanger
  • Short code: FOR 10
  • Publication Date: 20 Aug 2003
  • Number of Pages: 64
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The Maginot Line, the massive series of fortifications built by France in the 1930s to defend its borders with Germany and Italy, is perhaps the most maligned collection of fortifications ever built. Despite being a technological marvel, and the most sophisticated and complex set of fortifications built up to that time, it failed to save France from crushing defeat in 1940. Yet there are those who argue that it accomplished exactly what it was designed to do. This book provides a concise and informative treatment of the Maginot Line, from North-East France to the Mediterranean. Packed with plans, contemporary and modern images, plus digital artwork, it presents a detailed visual exploration of this famous fortification system.

Biographical Note

William Allcorn, a former US army officer who served in Vietnam, has a long standing interest in forts and fortifications of all eras, and over the years has visited and photographed many sites. For several years he lived in Luxembourg and Germany, which afforded him the opportunity to extensively visit and explore the heart of the Maginot Line. William has acted as a historical consultant for several documentary television programmes on fortification related topics, and has written several articles for FORT, the journal of the Fortress Study Group. He lives in Southern California. Jeff Vanelle is a graduate of Sup Info Com (the computer graphics university in France) and currently works as a Lead Artist for a major British video games developer. Jeff is passionate about digital artwork and he has contributed to the production of numerous games and television commercials in France and in the UK. He lives in Bedfordshire . Vincent Boulanger was born in Paris. He studied art at the ESAG (Ecole superieure d'art graphique), and then began work as a freelance illustrator. He has produced illustrations for numerous publishers and commercial organisations, and has also worked as a designer for computer games and as a comic book illustrator. Vincent lives in Clisson, Brittany, with his wife and two sons.

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