The King’s German Legion

The King’s German Legion

Men-at-Arms 42
  • Author: Otto von Pivka
  • Illustrator: Michael Roffe
  • Short code: MAA 42
  • Publication Date: 15 Jun 1974
  • Number of Pages: 50
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The King's German Legion was the largest and most respected of the foreign corps which fought as integrated elements of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars. The light and heavy cavalry, light and line infantry, and horse and foot artillery of the KGL made major contributions to Wellington's victories during the Peninsular War, and several units covered themselves with glory at Waterloo. This book offers a comprehensive overview of the KGL from its origins to its disbandment, including its uniforms, weapons, flags and standards. Meticulous illustrations offer unprecedented details of this impressive fighting force.

Biographical Note

Otto von Pivka (the nom de plume of Digby Smith) wrote his first title for Osprey Publishing in 1972. He is a prolific author who has contributed many titles to the Men-at-Arms series on the armies and forces of the Napoleonic Wars. A former major in the British Army, he is now retired, but continues to write books on this key period. Michael Roffe is a talented painter of military subjects who has illustrated many books for Osprey over the years. His artistic talents span a variety of historical periods; he has illustrated titles relating to the Boer War, the English Civil War, the Napoleonic Wars and the American War for Independence.


The Origins of the Legion The Organization of the Legion The Battle History of the Legion With Wellington in the Peninsula Withdrawal: Autumn 1809 The 1810 Campaigns 1811: Barossa and Albuera Massena's Withdrawal 1812: Year of Victories 1813: Into France Operations in Northern Europe The Year 1814 The End in the Mediterranean Quatre Bras The Legion at Waterloo The Fall of La Haye Sainte The Disbanding of the Legion The Organisation of the Legion Weapons Hair and Beards Flags and Standards The Plates

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