The German Home Front 1939–45

The German Home Front 1939–45

Elite 157
  • Author: Brian L Davis
  • Illustrator: Malcolm McGregor
  • Short code: ELI 157
  • Publication Date: 3 Oct 2007
  • Number of Pages: 64
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This book outlines and illustrates the living conditions of German civilians in World War II, and the Nazi state's basic structure. German families suffered the same hardships as British - labour conscription, extra civic duties, severe shortages of food and necessities, disrupted transport, homelessness and evacuation, separation from loved ones and, for many, bereavement. However, there were important differences. The dictator for whom many had voted was leading them to ruin; unequalled death and devastation ensued from Allied air raids; and every aspect of life was caged around with repressive decrees that began to replace the true rule of law well before September 1939.

Biographical Note

Brian Leigh Davis is one of the world's leading experts on the insignia and regalia of Nazi Germany. He lives and works in Surrey. He has previously written three Men-at-Arms about Flags of the Third Reich.Malcolm McGregor spent four years at art school and then went on to work in advertising for ten years. He started freelancing in 1966 and contributed uniform illustrations to Blandfords and several Orbis publications and also provided the figure paintings for War Monthly magazine. He previously illustrated for Osprey the three book series on the Flags of the Third Reich (Men-at-Arms 270, 274 and 278), and Elite 98: British Commanders of World War II. Malcolm sadly passed away in January 2010.


INTRODUCTION THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST STATE: the NSDAP take-over of government from 1943 - Administration (ministries and general commissions) - the Party leadership structure LAW AND THE PENAL SYSTEM: The courts - prisons - concentration camps; the Police (Ordnungspolizei; Sicherheitspolizei und Sicherheitsdienst - Sonderpolizei THE PERSECUTION OF THE JEWS IN GERMANY: progressive introduction of anti-Semitic measures, 1933-41 EMPLOYMENT: The State Labour Service - the Four-Year Plan - the crisis of January 1942 - foreign workers - child labour - the crisis of January 1943 - ‘total war' measures - women in the labour force CIVIL LIFE: public health - rationing and shortages - compulsory collections - propaganda and censorship (radio broadcasting; films) - postal and telephone services THE AIR WAR AGAINST GERMANY: summary of the bombing campaign FIRE DEFENCE: Fire Protection Police - Volunteer Fire Brigades CIVIL DEFENCE: Organization (ministerial and Luftwaffe responsibilities; national services; local services; State Air Protection League; industrial premises; railways, post office and waterways) - Air Protection Warning Service - Air Protection Police - Self-Protection and Extended Self-Protection services - Works Air Protection Service - post-raid services - evacuation PLATE COMMENTARIES INDEX

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