The Concorde Story

The Concorde Story

Sixth Edition

General Aviation
  • Author: Christopher Orlebar
  • Short code: GNA
  • Publication Date: 20 May 2004
  • ISBN: 9781855326675
  • Format: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 240
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About this Product

When commercial services began in 1976, Concorde quickly established herself as one of the wonders of the modern technical world. This lavishly illustrated sixth edition traces Concorde's development from inception to withdrawal. It investigates how the Anglo-French Alliance tackled the project, Concorde's entry into service and the aircraft's eventual commercial success. Other SST (supersonic transport) projects are considered, as is the future of SST aviation. With reference to the official report, the tragic event at Gonesse in July 2000 is analysed in-depth and outstanding questions concerning the accident are considered together with why Concorde was withdrawn from service. The last chapter describes Concorde's 'Grand Finale'.

Biographical Note

Christopher Orlebar joined British Airways, then BOAC, in 1969, he became a Concorde pilot and instructor in 1976 flying the aircraft for 10 years. He retired from BA in 2000. A Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he is a frequent contributor to TV aviation documentaries, a lecturer and writer.


Acknowledgements Foreword Preface The Background The Formative Phase Agreement with France Taking Shape The Other Supersonic Transports A Stormy Beginning The Turn of the Tide The Flight - Acceleration The Flight - Deceleration Training of the Concorde Pilot 21 Years in Service Sub-Orbital Travel The tragedy at Gonesse Concorde returns to service Reflections Grand Finale Appendices Index

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