The Austro-Hungarian Army of the Seven Years War

The Austro-Hungarian Army of the Seven Years War

Men-at-Arms 6
  • Author: Albert Seaton
  • Illustrator: R. Ottenfeld
  • Short code: MAA 6
  • Publication Date: 15 Jun 1973
  • ISBN: 9780850451498
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 50
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About this Product

This book traces the development of the dominance of the Austrian hapsburgs in eastern Europe as they established themselves as eventual rulers of Austria, Hungary, Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The latter was the setting for severe fighting as the Austro-Hungarian army tried and failed to resist Prussian attempts to seize the region. The Seven Years War pitted Fredrick the Great of Prussia against Maria Theresa of Austro-Hungary as each struggled for control of their respective empires and dominance of the continent. The organisation, uniforms and equipment of the army is examined and illustrated.

Biographical Note

Lieutenant-Colonel Albert Seaton (Retd.) is the author of many books on 19th century military history and he is an expert on modern Russian history. His other titles for Osprey in the Men-at-Arms series include MAA 4 The Army of the German Empire 1870-88 and MAA 16 Frederick the Great's Army.


Introduction Austria and the Holy Roman Empire The Coming of the Hungarians The Austro-Hungarian Union Brandenburg-Prussia Challenges Austria The War of the Austrian Succession The First Silesian War The Second Silesian War Maria Theresa's Imperial Reforms The Seven Years War The Prussian Recovery The Final Stages Finale The Plates

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