The Armies of Bolivar and San Martin

The Armies of Bolivar and San Martin

Men-at-Arms 232
  • Author: Terry Hooker
  • Illustrator: Ron Poulter
  • Short code: MAA 232
  • Publication Date: 25 Apr 1991
  • ISBN: 9781855321281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

Spanish Americans of the early 19th century were eager to institute self-government and open their ports to foreign commerce. During the years 1810-14 two men of outstanding ability appeared in the front ranks of the Republican cause: Simon Bolivar, the greatest of all South American soldiers, and José de San Martin. These two men would achieve the destruction of the southern Spanish American empire as they fought to establish nations shaped and governed 'by Americans, for Americans'. This book details their military campaigns to free South America from the grip of Imperial Spain, including descriptions of their equipment, uniforms, weaponry and enemies.

Biographical Note

Terry Hooker is the president of the South and Central American Military Historians Society and the editor of El Dorado, the society's quarterly. He is a recognized expert on Latin American military history. He lives in North Humberside, UK. Ron Poulter specializes in illustrating South American military units and those of the colonial British forces in North America. He has worked on the military enthusiasts' magazine Tradition, and for the costumiers, Bermans, where he was a consultant on the films Patton and Waterloo.


Introduction Chronology Bolivar's First Campaigns The British Legion Bolivar's Campaigns 1817-21 Alto Perus and Northern Argentina, 1810-21 The Army of the Andes The Peruvian Campaign, 1820-22 Bolivar's Western Campaigns, 1821-24 Units and Uniforms Orders of Battle The Plates

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