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  1. Those Dark Places

    Hardback Published 26 Nov 2020
    Space is a hell of a thing but you need to be sure that this is what you want. Like, what you really want. The idea of space exploration to further the frontiers of mankind is noble, but let's not kid...
  2. The King is Dead

    OSG Game Published 26 Nov 2020
    The King is dead. The kingdom is divided. Three factions - the Scottish, the Welsh, and the English - vie for control and, across the sea, foreign invaders prepare to take advantage of the chaos. Players...
  3. Merv

    OSG Game Published 29 Oct 2020
    The ancient city of Merv. A gateway between the East and the West. A hub of scholarship and trade. The greatest city in the world.In Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road players are vying to amass power and...
  4. Frostgrave: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave

    FGV 14 Hardback Published 29 Oct 2020
    Even before the original Frostgrave rulebook landed in players' hands, its artwork, previewed in the run-up to release, attracted widespread attention and acclaim. Today, some eight volumes, two novels,...
  5. Village Green

    OSG Game Published 17 Sep 2020
    It's the first day of spring, and there's only one thing on everyone's mind - the Village Green of the Year competition! In just a few months, the judges of this prestigious contest will...
  6. Bolt Action: Campaign: Mariana & Palau Islands

    BOLT 36 Paperback Published 03 Sep 2020
    The Mariana and Palau Islands campaign, also known as Operation Forager, was intended to facilitate the recapture of the Philippines and to provide bases for the bombing of the Japanese mainland. This...
  7. Oathmark: Battlesworn

    Multiple formats Published 20 Aug 2020
    A supplement for Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age, giving players rules for creating elite units of warriors known as battlesworn and charting their progress from battle-to-battle.In the horror and chaos...

    Starting at: £14.99

  8. Frostgrave: Second Edition

    FGV 13 Hardback Published 20 Aug 2020
    This new edition of the multi-award-winning fantasy skirmish wargame offers improved rules based on years of player feedback, a revised spell list, and a host of brand-new scenarios. It remains fully compatible...
  9. Undaunted: North Africa

    OSG Game
    The North African Campaign has begun. Take control of the British Army's Long Range Desert Group and operate behind enemy lines or command the formidable Italian forces opposing them. In this sequel...
  10. Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter: The Dark Judges

    The barrier between worlds has shattered. Now, the Dark Judges have returned to exact judgement on Mega-City One.The city is guilty. The crime is life. The sentence is death.The Dark Judges can be played...

    Regular Price: £25.00

    Special Price: £18.75

Items 1 to 10 of 140 total

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Wildlands Solo Battle Report - The Gnomads take on The Dark Judges
The Dark Judges have fought in the streets of Mega-City One twice now, and each time they have been rebuffed. Now, they  turn their attention elsewhere… For this next solo playthrough, I opened my copy of Wildlands and got my beloved Gnomads out. They were going to have a crack at the Dark Judges, using the official Wildlands / Helter Skelter crossover rules. Continue Reading
Those Dark Places RPG - Designer Blog #3
In November, the Osprey Roleplaying line will be growing with the publication of Those Dark Places: Industrial Science-Fiction Roleplaying by Jonathan Hicks. Today on the blog author Jonathan Hicks is talking about character creation, you can read all about it here or on his personal blog. Continue Reading


Osprey Games Suggestion
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PAUL W 2019-02-24 17:35:56
X Ammount per Month Membership NOT WORTH IT
I have to agree painty! Read more
PAUL W 2018-01-23 23:20:21
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Yes. Saw a recent article on the long sword and think the new author only writes one book a... Read more
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Shouldn´t the 30 % off be valid on today too. Prices back to normal on day early? The... Read more
Carl(Sweden) 2017-12-15 10:29:53