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  1. British Airborne Soldier vs Waffen-SS Soldier

    CBT 42 Paperback Published 25 Jul 2019
    Operation Market Garden was an Allied plan to try and end the war before the end of 1944, and relied on landing airborne troops to secure bridges over the Rhine bridges in the Netherlands. Critical to...
  2. Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces (2)

    MAA 527 Paperback Published 25 Jul 2019
    The appearance of Roman soldiers in the 3rd century AD has long been a matter of debate and uncertainty, largely thanks to the collapse of central control and perpetual civil war between the assassination...
  3. The Battleship USS Iowa

    GNM Hardback Published 25 Jul 2019
    USS Iowa (BB-61) was the lead ship in one of the most famous classes of battleships ever commissioned into the US Navy. Transferred to the Pacific Fleet in 1944, the Iowa first fired her guns in anger...
  4. The First Anglo-Sikh War 1845–46

    CAM 338 Paperback Published 25 Jul 2019
    The First Anglo-Sikh War broke out due to escalating tensions between the Sikh Empire and the British East India Company in the Punjab region of India in the mid-nineteenth century. Political machinations...
  5. USAF F-105 Thunderchief vs VPAF MiG-17

    DUE 95 Paperback Published 25 Jul 2019
    The F-105D Thunderchief was originally designed as a low-altitude nuclear strike aircraft, but the outbreak of the Vietnam War led to it being used instead as the USAF's primary conventional striker...
  6. Valley of the Shadow

    GNM Paperback Published 25 Jul 2019
    Following the end of World War II, France attempted to reassert control over its colonies in Indochina. In Vietnam, this was resisted by the Viet Minh leading to the First Indochina War. By 1954, the French...
  7. Castagnaro 1387

    CAM 337 Paperback Published 25 Jul 2019
    The battle of Castagnaro, fought on 11 March 1387 between the Veronese and the Paduans, is one of the most famous Italian medieval conflicts in the English-speaking world. This is thanks in no small part...
  8. Weapons of the US Special Operations Command

    WPN 69 Paperback Published 25 Jul 2019
    The units and formations of the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) have privileged access to the finest weaponry in the world's arsenal. Whether Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines, the SOCOM troops...
  9. F-80 Shooting Star Units of the Korean War

    COM 128 Paperback Published 27 Jun 2019
    Built within a 180-day time limit in 1943, the F-80 Shooting Star first saw service in Italy in the final year of World War 2, and consequently was sent to bases in the US, Europe and the Far East after...
  10. German submarine U-1105 'Black Panther'

    GNM Hardback Published 27 Jun 2019
    Now in its final resting place at the bottom of the Potomac River in Maryland, the U-Boat U-1105 is unique among German World War II submarines. Technologically innovative, it was the only U-Boat to conduct...

Items 1 to 10 of 3263 total

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