Military History

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  1. Hunt the Bismarck

    GNM Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    Hunt the Bismarck, now available in paperback, tells the story of Operation Rheinübung, the Atlantic sortie of the Nazi Germany's largest battleship in May 1941. ...
  2. Malaya & Dutch East Indies 1941–42

    ACM 19 Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was quickly followed by a rapid invasion of Malaya, a plan based entirely on the decisive use of its airpower. While the British was inadequately prepared, they...
  3. Retribution

    GNM Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    Making use of the extensive memoirs of German and Russian soldiers to bring this story to life, Retribution follows on from On A Knife's Edge, which described the encirclement and destruction of the...
  4. Frostgrave: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave

    FGV 14 Hardback Published 29 Oct 2020
    Even before the original Frostgrave rulebook landed in players' hands, its artwork, previewed in the run-up to release, attracted widespread attention and acclaim. Today, some eight volumes, two novels,...
  5. A Billion Suns

    OWG Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    A Billion Suns is a wargame of interstellar combat that puts you in command of fleets of powerful starships, from squadrons of agile, but fragile, fighters, to hulking and powerful capital ships. Choose...
  6. King Philip's War 1675–76

    CAM 354 Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    King Philip's War was the result of over 50 years' tension between the native inhabitants of New England and its colonial settlers as the two parties competed for land and resources. A coalition of Native...
  7. German Soldier vs Polish Soldier

    CBT 52 Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    The Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939 saw mostly untested German troops face equally inexperienced Polish forces. With the Polish senior leadership endeavouring to hold the country's industrialized...
  8. Malplaquet 1709

    CAM 355 Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    In 1709, after eight years of war, France was on her knees. There was not enough money left in the treasury to pay, equip or feed the army and a bad harvest led to starvation throughout the kingdom. Circumstances...
  9. The French 75

    NVG 288 Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    The ‘Soixante­quinze', France's legendary 75mm Modele 1897, was the first modern field gun, pioneering several critical innovations in field artillery designs, including a fast action breech...
  10. Soviet Armoured Cars 1936–45

    NVG 284 Paperback Published 29 Oct 2020
    The armoured car has an important place in the early history of Soviet armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) - they were the most important AFV during the Russian Civil War and figured prominently in the mechanization...

Items 1 to 10 of 3426 total

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