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  1. F-102 Delta Dagger Units

    COM 132 Paperback Published 28 May 2020
    World War II saw the development of the heavy bomber as a decisive weapon which, in sufficient numbers, could overcome defensive fighters and guns and lay waste to strategic targets. The addition of nuclear...
  2. US Soldier vs German Soldier

    CBT 48 Paperback Published 28 May 2020
    During World War II, the US Army and its allies faced a formidable challenge: the need to assault Hitler's ‘Fortress Europe' from the sea. As a result, during 1941-45, the US Army had to add...
  3. Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter: The Dark Judges

    Game Published 28 May 2020
    The barrier between worlds has shattered. Now, the Dark Judges have returned to exact judgement on Mega-City One.The city is guilty. The crime is life. The sentence is death.The Dark Judges can be played...
  4. Combat Vehicles of Russia's Special Forces

    NVG 282 Paperback Published 28 May 2020
    Elite forces need elite vehicles. As Vladimir Putin has devoted effort and funds into modernising Russia's armed forces and turning them into an instrument geared not just for defending the Motherland...
  5. To Defeat the Few

    GNA Hardback Published 28 May 2020
    Over the past 77 years, histories of the Battle of Britain have consistently portrayed the feats of ‘The Few' (as they were immortalized in Churchill's famous speech) as being responsible for...
  6. Dutch Waffen-SS Legion & Brigade 1941–44

    MAA 531 Paperback Published 28 May 2020
    Goebbels' 1941 propaganda campaign to present Germany's invasion of the USSR as a battle for European civilization against Asian barbarism convinced many men in occupied 'Germanic' European countries,...
  7. Warsaw 1920

    CAM 349 Paperback Published 28 May 2020
    The Battle of Warsaw in August 1920 has been described as one of the decisive battles of European history. At the start of the battle, the Red Army appeared to be on the verge of advancing through Poland...
  8. Warship 2020

    GNM Hardback Published 28 May 2020
    For over 40 years, Warship has been the leading annual resource on the design, development, and deployment of the world's combat ships. Featuring a broad range of articles from a select panel of distinguished...
  9. Bolt Action: Campaign: Stalingrad

    BOLT Paperback Published 30 Apr 2020
    One of the most infamous and decisive battles of the Second World War, Stalingrad was a turning point of the Eastern Front, showing that the German juggernaut was not invincible. This Campaign Book for...
  10. Lawrence of Arabia on War

    GNM Hardback Published 30 Apr 2020
    One hundred years ago, Captain Lawrence and an unlikely band of Arab irregulars captured the strategic port of Aqaba after an epic journey through waterless tracts of desert. Their attacks on railways...

Items 1 to 10 of 3356 total

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