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  1. Hitler’s Winter

    GNM Hardback Published 09 Jun 2022
    ‘What a brilliant book this is… a terrific narrative of Hitler's Ardennes offensive of December 1944 - superb storytelling that achieves a skilful balance between drama and detail.' - James...
  2. No Wider War

    GNM Paperback Published 09 Jun 2022
    This is the second part of a highly detailed yet accessible two-volume history of America's involvement in Vietnam from the end of World War II through to the Fall of Saigon in 1975.No Wider War is the...
  3. Flashpoints

    GNA Hardback Published 09 Jun 2022
    From acclaimed aviation historian Michael Napier, this is a highly illustrated survey of the aerial fighting in the flashpoints of the Cold War.The Cold War years were a period of unprecedented peace in...
  4. The Kamikaze Campaign 1944–45

    ACM 29 Paperback Published 26 May 2022
    An illustrated history of how Japan devised and launched a new kind of air campaign in late 1944 - the suicidal assaults of the kamikaze units against the approaching Allied fleets.As summer changed to...
  5. Italian Colonial Troops 1882–1960

    MAA 544 Paperback Published 26 May 2022
    A complete illustrated study of the varied range of Italian colonial units who served in East and North Africa.Italy only unified as a nation in 1870 and was late, and therefore impatient, in the 'scramble'...
  6. German and Italian Aircraft Carriers of World War II

    NVG 306 Paperback Published 26 May 2022
    This fully illustrated study details Germany and Italy's failed development of World War II aircraft carriers, and the naval aviation ships that the two Axis powers sent into action in their place.The...
  7. Macchi C.202/C.205V Units in Combat

    COM 145 Paperback Published 26 May 2022
    A study of the Macchi Folgore and Veltro, the most successful Italian fighters in World War II. With specially commissioned profiles, the book examines how these fighters were conceived, their performance...
  8. Crescent Moon

    OSG Game Published 26 May 2022
    As the sun rises over the deserts, rivers, and oases of the Caliphate, a delicate balance has been upset. As one of many rival powers in the region, you now have the opportunity to alter the course of...
  9. Barents Sea 1942

    CAM 376 Paperback Published 26 May 2022
    A gripping examination of the Battle of the Barents Sea, fought in the near darkness and icy cold of the northern winter, in which the Kriegsmarine sought to sever the crucial Allied Arctic Convoy route...
  10. Operation Jericho

    RAID 57 Paperback Published 26 May 2022
    This is the story of Operation Jericho, the spectacular prison break staged by an elite group of British, Australian and New Zealand bomber pilots, who flew a daring low-level mission to blow holes in...

Items 31 to 40 of 3613 total

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