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  1. Hunt the Bismarck

    GNM Paperback Published 08 Jul 2021
    Hunt the Bismarck, now available in paperback, tells the story of Operation Rheinübung, the Atlantic sortie of the Nazi Germany's largest battleship in May 1941. ...
  2. Stalingrad 1942–43 (1)

    CAM 359 Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    After failing to defeat the Soviet Union with Operation Barbarossa in 1941, Adolf Hitler planned a new campaign for the summer of 1942 that was intended to achieve a decisive victory: Operation Blue (Case...
  3. The Numidians 300 BC–AD 300

    MAA 537 Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    The Numidian light cavalry were among the best-known horsemen in the ancient world: riding without saddles or bridle, carrying only hide shields for defense and clutching a handful of light javelins, they...
  4. Bolt Action: Campaign: D-Day: British & Canadian Sectors

    BOLT 37 Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    After the historic D-Day landings comes the fight to liberate France and the rest of Occupied Europe. This campaign book focuses on the push inland from the Commonwealth beaches of Gold, Sword, and Juno...
  5. Panzer IV

    GNM Hardback Published 21 Jan 2021
    The Panzer IV programme was started in 1934, forming, alongside the Panzer IIs and IIIs, the schnellen Truppen, the force that was to become the Panzerwaffe. At first, German planners envisioned the tank...
  6. British Battleships 1890–1905

    NVG 290 Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    The term 'pre-dreadnought' was applied in retrospect, to describe the capital ships built during the decade and a half before the launch of HMS Dreadnought in 1906. At that moment these once great warships...
  7. Athenian Hoplite vs Spartan Hoplite

    CBT 53 Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    The Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), waged between Athens and Sparta and their respective allies, involved some of the most important developments in ancient warfare. A life-and-death struggle between the...
  8. The Essential Guide to Airsoft Gear

    GNM Hardback Published 21 Jan 2021
    The Essential Guide to Airsoft Gear provides the perfect introduction to assembling some of the most sought-after gear you need to look the part on the skirmish field. Featuring iconic loadouts from units...
  9. The Balkans 1940–41 (1)

    CAM 358 Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    In the wake of Italy's rapid annexation of Albania in April 1940, Mussolini's decision to attack Greece in October that year is widely acknowledged as a fatal mistake, leading to a domestic crisis...
  10. Sinking Force Z 1941

    ACM 20 Paperback Published 21 Jan 2021
    In late 1941, war was looming with Japan, and Britain's empire in southeast Asia was at risk. The British government decided to send Force Z, which included the state-of-the-art battleship Prince of Wales...

Items 1 to 10 of 3442 total

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Ostfront Myths
'The Reckoning' is a detailed account of the fighting in Ukraine in 1944, making use of the extensive memoirs of German and Russian soldiers involved in the fighting, as well as partisans behind the German lines, to bring the story to life. On the blog today, author Prit Buttar examines some of the myths that arose from the war. Continue Reading
King Philip's War 1675–76
The upcoming Campaign title, 'King Philip's War 1675–76' looks at the major conflict between the southern New England colonists and the area's indigenous Native Americans. On the blog today, author Gabriele Esposito examines the Native American forces involved in the years preceding the battle and the conflict itself. Continue Reading
Dunkirk and the Little Ships
In May 1940, German troops advanced through Holland, Belgium and France with astonishing speed, forcing the British Expeditionary Force and the French army to retreat to the north-east coast of France. The evacuation plan – Operation Dynamo – was put into effect with the expectation that only about 45,000 men might be rescued. However, by the hasty assembly of a vast armada of disparate vessels (thought to be in the region of 900, of which about 700 were privately owned), 338,226 Continue Reading


New 2021 Campaign title listed on Amazon
The campaign title in question is Hue 1968: The Fight for the Imperial City by James H Willbanks: I'm... Read more
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Previously unlisted duel title on Amazon
Thank you for the quick reply, Minal, and very glad that this book is still going to happen. Read more
Paintybeard 2020-10-13 16:24:03
Thank you Minal. Take care! Read more
Gavin Brown 2020-10-07 20:37:29
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Hi Gronk74, this happened to me as well.and emptying my cart did work. Paul Read more
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