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  1. Stalingrad 1942–43 (3)

    CAM 385 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    The final part in a three-book series on the Battle of Stalingrad, examining the Soviet encirclement, German relief efforts, and the final surrender of Paulus' 6.Armee.Having fought hard just to reach...
  2. Xenos Rampant

    NSW Hardback Published 24 Nov 2022
    Science Fiction wargame rules for large skirmishes, based on the popular Rampant system.Xenos Rampant is a setting agnostic, large skirmish, miniature wargame for fighting science fiction battles using...
  3. Bloody April 1917

    ACM 33 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    Researched from original-language primary sources, this is a uniquely well-informed and multi-faceted history of the World War I air campaign of Bloody April.Researched from original German-, French-,...
  4. Japanese Conquest of Burma 1942

    CAM 384 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    This book provides a fascinating exploration of the Japanese conquest of Burma, as the Allied forces were forced back in disarray to India and China.The Japanese invasion of Burma in January 1942 marked...
  5. Jackals: Travellers on the War Road

    OSG Hardback Published 24 Nov 2022
    A supplement for Jackals, introducing new rites, talents, and virtues for players as well as an exploration of the history and cultures of the Zaharets.Jackals: Travellers on the War Road is a supplement...
  6. Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945

    NVG 312 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    A new history and analysis of the German and Soviet tank forces that battled on eastern German soil in the final months of World War II.The final months of World War II on the Eastern Front saw the Wehrmacht...
  7. McDonnell XP-67 "Moonbat"

    XPL 17 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    Packed with never-before-seen photos, plans and meticulous new digital artwork, this is the first history of the USAAF's futuristic World War II prototype interceptor, the XP-67 "Moonbat".The series of...
  8. Foreign Panthers

    NVG 313 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    A study of the little-known career of Germany's Panther, perhaps the greatest tank of World War II, in foreign hands both during and after the war.The Panther was arguably the most successful medium tank...
  9. F6F Hellcat

    DOG 5 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    Using maps, contemporary photographs, and new artwork, this book examines the Hellcat and the naval aviators who flew them.Joining combat in the Pacific in late 1943, the Hellcat squadrons soon demonstrated...
  10. Roman Plate Armour

    ELI 247 Paperback Published 24 Nov 2022
    Fully illustrated, this book investigates the articulated plate armour worn by Roman legionaries.First named by Renaissance historians studying the reliefs on Trajan's Column, lorica segmentata evaded...

Items 1 to 10 of 3636 total

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