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  1. Stargrave: The Last Prospector

    SGV Paperback Published 28 Apr 2022
    The second supplement for Stargrave offers a host of new scenarios and rules for gaining political backing as you fight across the ravaged galaxy.The Dahlgren Belt was once a vast asteroid mining operation...
  2. Warships in the Baltic Campaign 1918–20

    NVG 305 Paperback Published 28 Apr 2022
    A fascinating look at the British naval intervention in the Baltic in 1918-20, and at the British, Soviet and Baltic nationalist fleets that fought.Following the Russian Revolution of October 1917, the...
  3. SU-152/ISU-152 vs Tiger

    DUE 120 Paperback Published 28 Apr 2022
    This fully illustrated volume compares two of the most iconic AFV's: the SU-152/ISU-152 and the Tiger, used on the Eastern Front during World War II.On the Eastern Front in 1943, the Tiger-equipped heavy...
  4. The Dutch Resistance 1940–45

    ELI 245 Paperback Published 28 Apr 2022
    Describes and illustrates the full range of Dutch resistance groups and German and collaborationist counter-resistance groups during the Nazi occupation in 1940-45.The Nazi occupation of the Netherlands...
  5. Cryptid: Urban Legends

    OSG Game Published 28 Apr 2022
    There's something hiding among us: an elusive cryptid is prowling our city streets. The evidence is clear but, without definitive proof, the scientific community will never believe you. There's...
  6. Walther Pistols

    WPN 82 Paperback Published 28 Apr 2022
    While the PP and PPK were intended for police work, the Walther P 38 was produced for the Germany military; all three pistols have garnered a formidable international reputation since the 1930s.The innovative...
  7. East China Sea 1945

    CAM 375 Paperback Published 28 Apr 2022
    This study describes the air-sea offensive supporting the ground-force invasions of Iwo Jima and Okinawa in February and April 1945, which led to the sinking of the Yamato and the onslaught of the Japanese...
  8. Viking Warrior vs Frankish Warrior

    CBT 63 Paperback Published 28 Apr 2022
    Fully illustrated, this absorbing study assesses the warriors fighting on both sides during the Vikings' attacks on the Frankish realm in the 9th century, as raiding escalated into full-scale siege...
  9. When the Shooting Stopped

    GNM Hardback Published 14 Apr 2022
    In the 44 months between December 1941 and August 1945, the Pacific Theater absorbed the attention of the American nation and military longer than any other. Despite the Allied grand strategy of "Germany...
  10. Z Special Unit

    GNM Hardback Published 14 Apr 2022
    Leading expert Gavin Mortimer tells the remarkable origin story of a wartime special forces unit that defied the odds.Z Special Unit, one of the most intrepid but arguably the most unsung of Allied Special...

Items 1 to 10 of 3567 total

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