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  1. The Crossbow

    WPN 61 Paperback Published 22 Mar 2018
    Technologically sophisticated and powerful, the crossbow has long enjoyed a popular reputation for villainous superiority because it could be used with little training as a weapon of assassination. The...
  2. Zeppelin vs British Home Defence 1915–18

    DUE 85 Paperback Published 22 Mar 2018
    When Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin's rigid airship LZ 1 flew over Lake Constance in 1900, it was the most advanced and impressive flying machine in the world: a colossal, lighter-than-air craft capable...
  3. 1918

    CMP Hardback Published 22 Mar 2018
    In 2018, the world will be commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War. In many ways, 1918 was the most dramatic year of the conflict. After the defeat of Russia in 1917, the Germans...
  4. No Ordinary Pilot

    GNA Hardback Published 22 Mar 2018
    After a lifetime in the RAF, Group Captain Bob Allen, finally allowed his children and grandchildren to see his official flying log. It contained the line: 'KILLED IN ACTION'. He refused to answer any...
  5. Greek Hoplite vs Persian Warrior

    CBT 31 Paperback Published 22 Mar 2018
    The Greco-Persian Wars (499-449 BCE) convulsed Greece, Asia Minor and the Near East for half a century. Through a series of bloody invasions and pitched battles, the mighty Persian Empire pitted itself...
  6. Soviet Destroyers of World War II

    NVG 256 Paperback Published 22 Mar 2018
    The Soviet Navy that faced the German onslaught in 1941 boasted a mixture of modern warships, often built with foreign technical assistance, and antiquated warships from the Tsarist era that were modernised...
  7. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Lost Colossus

    Paperback Published 22 Mar 2018
    Long ago, the great Colossus of Argantheon stood upon one of the outer islands, its vast, outstretched arm pointing the way to the Crystal Pool, or so the ancient texts claim. Then, during some forgotten...
  8. Imphal 1944

    CAM Paperback Published 22 Mar 2018
    In March 1944, the Japanese Fifteenth Army launched an offensive into India from Burma. Named ‘U Go', its main objective was the capture of the town of Imphal, which provided the easiest route between...
  9. Finland at War

    GNM Multiple formats Published 22 Mar 2018
    The story of the ‘Winter War' between Finland and Soviet Russia is a dramatic David versus Goliath encounter. When close to half a million Soviet troops poured into Finland in 1939 it was expected...

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  10. North American XB-70 Valkyrie

    7 Paperback Published 22 Mar 2018
    Of the many futuristic military aircraft concepts created in the 1950s the North American XB-70 still stands out as the most awe-inspiring. With its huge, white partially-folding delta wing, its fuselage...

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