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  1. The Battleship Bismarck

    ANT 1 Multiple formats
    The Bismarck is perhaps the most famous - and notorious - warship ever built. Completed in 1941, the 45,000-ton German battleship sunk HMS Hood, the pride of the British Navy, during one of the most sensational...

    Starting at: $42.00

  2. The Second World War

    GNM Multiple formats
    The period from 1939 to 1945 saw some of the most devastating and remarkable events in living memory. Labouring beneath a daily burden of fear, sacrifice, deprivation and uncertainty, soldiers and civilians...

    Starting at: $24.50

  3. The Lost Expedition: The Fountain of Youth & Other Adventures

    OSG Game
    Number of Players: 1-5Ages: 14+Playing Time: 30-50 minutesComponents: 4 Character cards, 18 Adventure cards, 10 Expedition cards.Explorers have been returning from the Amazon with extraordinary tales -...
  4. Forts

    GNM Hardback
    Ever since humans began to live together in settlements they have felt the need to organise some kind of defence against potentially hostile neighbours. Many of the earliest city states were built as walled...
  5. Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Gods of Fire

    Multiple formats
    In the shifting labyrinth of the Ghost Archipelago, there is one group of islands that can almost always be found; the Islands of Fire. Surrounded by a grey haze of sooty smoke, the islands contain numerous...

    Starting at: $20.00

  6. British Ironclads 1860–75

    NVG 262 Paperback
    In November 1859, the French warship La Gloire was launched. She was the world's first seagoing ironclad - a warship built from wood, but whose hull was clad in a protective layer of iron plate. Britain,...
  7. French Foreign Légionnaire vs Viet Minh Insurgent

    CBT 36 Multiple formats
    The French Indochina War (1946-54) was the largest of the first generation of post-World War II wars of decolonization as Vietminh insurgents sought to topple their French colonial masters. It was also...

    Starting at: $16.00

  8. Bolt Action: Campaign: The Western Desert

    BOLT Multiple formats
    One of the most popular and enduring campaigns of World War II is that of the Western Desert, where Allied armies beat back the hard-pressed German and Italian forces under the gruelling African sun. Covering...

    Starting at: $24.00

  9. The Luger

    WPN 64 Multiple formats
    Patented in 1898 and produced from 1900, Georg Luger's iconic semi-automatic pistol became synonymous with Germany's armed forces throughout both world wars. Initially chambered for the 7.65×21mm...

    Starting at: $16.00

  10. The Etruscans

    ELI 223 Multiple formats
    Ancient Rome had deep roots in the 'Villanovan' culture that we call today the Etruscans. Their long-lived civilization can be traced to 900-750 BC in north-west Italy. They were a sea-faring people trading...

    Starting at: $15.20

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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