Japanese Army of World War II

Japanese Army of World War II

Men-at-Arms 20
  • Author: Philip Warner
  • Illustrator: Michael Youens
  • Short code: MAA 20
  • Publication Date: 15 Dec 1973
  • ISBN: 9780850451184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 50
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About this Product

In 1941 the Allied forces in the Pacific were devastatingly unprepared for the onslaught of the Japanese Army, which by this time had been fighting for ten years on the Manchurian front. The Allies paid dearly for their lack of planning and found themselves defeated time and time again as the seasoned Japanese forces swept through the Pacific colonies. This book examines the Japanese concept of war and describes the organisation, tactics and weaponry of the Japanese Army from their triumphant invasions of 1941-42 until their ultimate defeat in 1945. Numerous illustrations and colour plates depict the weapons and uniforms of the Japanese troops in vivid detail.

Biographical Note

Philip Warner left Cambridge in 1939 and joined the Army at the outbreak of war. He served until 1945, mainly in the Far East. Subsequently, he became Assistant-Principal in H.M. Treasury, lectured for the British Council in Spain, and is now a Senior Lecturer at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. He is well known as a military historian and among his published works are ‘Sieges of the Medieval Ages', ‘The Medieval Castle' and ‘The S.A.S. 1941-71'. He is also author of all the titles in Osprey's ‘British Battlefields' series.Michael Youens is a skilful artist who has illustrated a number of titles in the Men-at-Arms series . His work includes Men-at-Arms 37: 'The Army of Northern Virginia', Men-at-Arms 31: '30th Punjabis' and Men-at-Arms 28: 'The Russian Army of the Napoleonic Wars'.

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