The Persian War in Herodotus and Other Ancient Voices

The Persian War in Herodotus and Other Ancient Voices

General Military
  • Author: William Shepherd
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 28 Nov 2019
  • Number of Pages: 512
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The victory of a few Greek city-states over the world's first superpower was an extraordinary military feat that secured the future of western civilization.
All modern accounts of the war as a whole, and of Marathon, Thermopylae and Salamis, the best-known battles, depend on the ancient sources, foremost amongst them Herodotus, but generally quote very little from them. This is the first book to bring together Herodotus' entire narrative and interweave it with other ancient voices to present the original texts that comprise almost all that is known about this immense clash of arms.

Biographical Note

William Shepherd studied classics at Clare College, Cambridge, in the 1960s and then embarked on a career in publishing which finally brought him to Osprey, where he retired as chief executive in 2007. He is author of The Persian War (Cambridge, 1982), translated from Herodotus. He has also written reading books for children and articles in the Osprey Military Journal, of which he was joint editor, and makes regular contributions to the Osprey blog. He lives in the Cherwell Valley, north of Oxford.


Herodotus and history
Other sources and evidence
Chronology to 500 BC
Hellas to 500 BC
War between Greeks
Greek ways of war
The rise of Persia
The conquests of Cyrus, Cambyses and Darius
Persian ways of war
Chronology 500-479 BC
The revolt of the Ionian Greeks
The Cyclades and Euboea
Reconstructing ancient battles
The Great King's vow
Hellas responds
Xerxes' invasion of Greece
The fall of Athens
Chronology: 479 to Alexander
480-450: The war beyond Greece
404: Full circle
Visiting the battlefields

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