Osprey Military Journal Special Preview Issue

Osprey Military Journal Special Preview Issue

The International Review of Military History

  • Publication Date: 15 Jun 1999
  • ISBN: 9781841760063
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32
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About this Product

The all-new Osprey Military Journal is packed full of diverting articles from across the range of subjects covered by the company. In this special previiew issue Louis Zocchi examines the statistics for Japanese bombing and torpedo accuracy, both at Pearl Harbor and afterwards. Carl Smith shows how the Confederate cavalry had a rude awakening from their complacent assumption of superiority at the battle of Brandy Station. Mike Bennighof looks at a critical clash between the Italiand and Austriand at the naval battle of Lissa in 18666, while Jim Webster considers some wargaming options for the Angl-Boer war.

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