Hitler’s Death

Hitler’s Death

The Case Against Conspiracy

General Military
  • Author: Luke Daly-Groves
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 23 Mar 2019
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Did Hitler shoot himself in the Führerbunker or did he slip past the Soviets and escape to South America? Countless documentaries, newspaper articles and internet pages written by conspiracy theorists have lead the ongoing debate surrounding Hitler's last days. Historians have not yet managed to make a serious response. Until now.

This book is the first attempt by an academic to return to the evidence of Hitler's suicide in order to scrutinise the arguments of conspiracy theorists using scientific methods. Through analysis of recently declassified MI5 files, previously unpublished sketches of Hitler's bunker, personal accounts of intelligence officers along with stories of shoot-outs, plunder and secret agents, this scrupulously researched book takes on the doubters to tell the full story of how Hitler died.

Biographical Note

Luke Daly-Groves is a PhD Researcher based at the University of Leeds. This book is an adaptation of his award-winning BA thesis completed at the University of Central Lancashire for which he achieved First-Class Honours. In 2016 he obtained an MA in Modern History with high distinction for his Master's thesis at the University of Leeds. His doctoral research analyses the activities of Anglo-American intelligence in post-war Germany.


Chapter Summaries:

Introduction: After setting the scene by describing Hitler's last days, the introduction will provide a brief overview of the literature concerning Hitler's death to demonstrate how conspiracy theories have evolved and outline the gaps in current historical knowledge which will be filled in this book by a return to primary sources.

Chapter One: Analyses the opinions of British intelligence officials concerning rumours of Hitler's survival to draw conclusions regarding the credibility of recent conspiracy theories.

Chapter Two: Examines the opinions of American intelligence officials using FBI and CIA documents to draw conclusions regarding the credibility of recent conspiracy theories.

Chapter Three: Assesses whether Cold War political considerations affected the selection of evidence and conclusions provided by British intelligence. Uses new evidence from recently declassified MI5 and Cabinet documents to provide a fresh insight into the internal and international co-operation of Anglo-American intelligence agencies.

Chapter Four: Provides an analysis of the evidence which convinced British intelligence of Hitler's suicide and assesses how this evidence and future historical conclusions may be affected by the 2009 DNA results.

Conclusion: Draws together the previous chapters in order to summarise the evidence of Hitler's death compared to that of conspiracy theorists and gives the author's opinion on how Hitler died.