Hannibal's War With Rome

Hannibal's War With Rome

The Armies and Campaigns 216 BC

  • Publication Date: 25 Jun 1999
  • ISBN: 9781855328709
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 144
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About this Product

This book combines Men-at-Arms 121: 'Armies of the Carthaginian Wars' and Campaign 36: 'Cannae 216 BC' in a detailed decription of the army of the ledgendary Hannibal and his campaign against Rome, including the crossing of the Alps and the classic battle at Cannae. This book is written by two of the most eminent scholars of the Classical World and superbly illustrated by Richard Hook and Angus McBride.


Book One: Armies of the Carthaginian Wars Chronology of The Punic War The Carthaginians The Romans The Plates Sources Book Two: Hannibal's Wars Introduction The Opposing Leaders The Opposing Armies 218: Ticinus and Trebbia 217: Lake Trasimene 217-216: The Fabian Strategy The Approach to Cannae The Battle of Cannae Aftermath Chronology of Cannae A Guide to Further Reading The Battlefield Today Wargaming Cannae

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