The Concorde Story

The Concorde Story

Seventh Edition

General Aviation
  • Author: Christopher Orlebar
  • Short code: GNA
  • Publication Date: 20 Apr 2011
  • ISBN: 9781849081634
  • Format: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 248
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About this Product

This fully revised edition of The Concorde Story, is a complete history of Concorde, seen through the eyes of former Concorde pilot Christopher Orlebar. This new edition includes the after-story of the aircraft, including a list of where surviving Concorde Aircraft can be viewed around the world. Drawing on his own experience, the author reveals what it was like to be a Concorde pilot, and gives us a unique pilot's-eye-view of a typical transatlantic flight, including details of the training involved and life on the flight deck. It is from the privileged perspective of an insider that Christopher Orlebar describes Concorde's 'Grand Finale' and final flight to Filton, reflecting on the history and achievement of Concorde and those who worked on her.

Biographical Note

Christopher Orlebar joined British Airways, then BOAC, in 1969, and he became a Concorde pilot and instructor in 1976 flying the aircraft for 10 years. He retired from BA in 2000. A Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he is a frequent contributor to TV aviation documentaries, a lecturer and writer.


Acknowledgements Foreword Preface The Background The Formative Phase Agreement with France Taking Shape The Other Supersonic Transports A Stormy Beginning The Turn of the Tide The Flight - Acceleration The Flight - Deceleration Training of the Concorde Pilot The Future 21 Years in Service Sub-Orbital Travel Tragedy at Gonesse Concorde's return to service Outlook Gonesse Revisited Reflections Grand Finale Appendices Index

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