The Modern Russian Army 1992–2016

The Modern Russian Army 1992–2016

  • Author: Mark Galeotti
  • Illustrator: Johnny Shumate
  • Short code: ELI 217
  • Publication Date: 23 Feb 2017
  • Number of Pages: 64
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A full and authoritative illustrated history of Russia's army since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, including Air Assault and Navy ground forces.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia's army has undergone a turbulent transformation, from the scattered left-overs of the old Soviet military, through a period of shocking decay and demoralization, to the disciplined force and sophisticated 'hybrid war' doctrine that enabled Vladimir Putin to seize Crimea virtually overnight in 2014.

Using rare photographs and full colour images of the army in action, profiles of army leaders and defence ministers, as well as orders of battle and details of their equipment and dress, this is a vivid account of the army's troubled history and of its character, capabilities and status.

Written by an internationally respected author with remarkable access to Russian-language sources and Russian veterans, this study is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the growing power of Russia's military.

Biographical Note

Professor Mark Galeotti, formerly senior lecturer in international history at Keele University, is Clinical Professor of Global Affairs, New York University. He is a former Foreign Office adviser on Russian security affairs, and for 15 years (1991-2006) wrote a monthly column on this for Jane's Intelligence Review. Mark's most recent books for Osprey are ELI 197 Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991 and ELI 206 Spetsnaz.Johnny Shumate works as a freelance illustrator living in Nashville, Tennessee. He began his career in 1987 after graduating from Austin Peay State University. Most of his work is rendered in Adobe Photoshop using a Cintiq monitor. His greatest influences are Angus McBride, Don Troiani, and Édouard Detaille. His interests include karate, running, Bible reading, history, and making English longbows.


Born in Crisis - the 1990s: creating a new army in the wreckage of the USSR - First Chechen War - peacekeeping missions - the damaging 'grandfather' culture in the ranks.
'Reform Tomorrow' - the 2000s: slow beginnings of reform under Putin - Second Chechen War - uncertainty and inertia at the top - the Cossack revival.
The Georgian Turning Point - 2008: profiting from errors and lessons - Defense Minister Serdyukov and Chief of General Staff Makarov force through reforms.
The Russian Army Today: structures, organization, chain of command - major annual exercise cycles, and what they teach us.
Two Armies: the reformed one-third, and the unreformed two-thirds.
The human dimension: volunteer soldiers and conscripts - Ukraine - continuing problem of crime in the military.
Intervention Forces: Air Assault and Naval troops - Spetsnaz - anti-piracy operations - Crimea - 'non-linear war' doctrine.
Tools of the Trade: weapons, vehicles, specialist AFVs - latest 'Ratnik' uniforms and equipment - drones. Select Bibliography

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