German Soldier vs Polish Soldier

German Soldier vs Polish Soldier

Poland 1939

Combat 52
  • Author: David R. Higgins
  • Illustrator: Steve Noon
  • Short code: CBT 52
  • Publication Date: 29 Oct 2020
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The Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939 saw mostly untested German troops face equally inexperienced Polish forces. With the Polish senior leadership endeavouring to hold the country's industrialized east, Hitler's forces unleashed what was essentially a large pincer operation intended to encircle and eliminate much of Poland's military strength. Harnessing this initial operational advantage, the Germans were able to attack Polish logistics, communications and command centres, thereby gaining and maintaining battlefield momentum. With the average infantry soldier on both sides comparatively well-led, equipped and transported, vital differences in battlefield support (especially air power and artillery), tactics, organization and technology would make all the difference in combat.

Featuring specially commissioned artwork, archive photography and battle maps, this study focuses upon three actions that reveal the evolving nature of the 1939 campaign. The battle of Tuchola Forest (1-5 September) pitted fast­-moving German forces against uncoordinated Polish resistance, while the battle of Wizna (7-10 September) saw outnumbered Polish forces impede the German push north-east of Warsaw. Finally, the battle of Bzura (9-19 September) demonstrated the Polish forces' ability to surprise the Germans operationally during a spirited counter-attack against the invaders. All three battles featured in this book cast light on the motivation, training, tactics and combat performance of the fighting men of both sides in the 1939 struggle for Poland.

Biographical Note

David R. Higgins is the author of several military history books, including DUE 037 King Tiger vs IS-2: Operation Solstice 1945, DUE 049 Mark IV vs A7V: Villers-Bretonneux 1918 and DUE 066 Panzer II vs 7TP. He has also written nearly 50 articles for magazines such as Strategy & Tactics, Armchair General, World at War and Modern War, and has appeared on television's ‘Greatest Tank Battles'.Steve Noon was born in Kent, UK, and attended art college in Cornwall. He's had a life­ long passion for illustration, and since 1985 has worked as a professional artist, illustrating over 50 books for Osprey. He lives in South Wales, UK.


The Opposing Sides
Cutting the ‘Polish Corridor'
Lomza and Nowogród
The Bzura Pocket
Unit Organizations

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