USMC M4A2 Sherman vs Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go

USMC M4A2 Sherman vs Japanese Type 95 Ha-Go

The Central Pacific 1943–44

Duel,General Military 108
  • Author: Romain Cansière, Ed Gilbert
  • Illustrator: Edouard A. Groult
  • Short code: GNM 108
  • Publication Date: 18 Feb 2021
  • ISBN: 9781472840097
  • Format: eBook (PDF)
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The different national tank doctrines of the United States and Imperial Japan resulted in a terrible mismatch of the predominant tank types in the crucial Central Pacific campaign. A flawed Japanese doctrine emphasized light infantry support tanks, often used in small numbers. Tactically, tanks were often frittered away in armored versions of the familiar banzai attacks. Meanwhile, the Americans saw the tank as an infantry support weapon, but developed a more systematic tactical doctrine. They settled upon a larger medium tank - in the case of most Marine Corps tank battalions, the diesel-powered M4A2 (unwanted by the US Army).

This superbly detailed title reveals how both the two sides' tactical and technical differences in the approach to armored warfare soon became apparent over a series of deadly engagements, from the first tank fight at the battle of Tarawa in November 1943, through to engagements on Parry Island, Saipan, and Guam, before ending with Peleliu in September 1944.

Biographical Note

Romain Cansière has studied the Marine Corps since his teenage years. His main area of interest is the Marine Corps armored units of World War II. Romain lives and works in Provence, France.Ed Gilbert has written numerous titles in Osprey's Warrior, Battle Orders and Campaign series, with a focus on the history of the US Marine Corps and state militias in the American War of Independence and the War of 1812. The author of a four-volume history of Marine Tank battalions, and co-author of Tanks in Hell: A Marine Corps Tank Company on Tarawa and True for the Cause of Liberty (with his wife Cathy), Ed sadly passed away in February 2019.Edouard Groult grew up inspired by watching historical documentaries with his father and developed a fascination for historical and fantasy art. Following art studies in both Paris and Belgium he worked as a concept artist in the videogame industry and in recent years has also undertaken historical commissions while working as a freelancer for historical magazines. He lives and works in Oxford, UK.


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The Strategic Situation
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