Reconnaissance and Bomber Aces of World War 1

Reconnaissance and Bomber Aces of World War 1

Aircraft of the Aces 123
  • Author: Jon Guttman
  • Illustrator: Harry Dempsey, Mark Postlethwaite
  • Short code: ACE 123
  • Publication Date: 20 Jan 2015
  • Number of Pages: 96
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Often overshadowed by the fighters that either protected or threatened them, two-seater reconnaissance aircraft performed the oldest and most strategically vital aerial task of World War 1 - a task that required them to return with the intelligence they gathered at all costs. Bomber sorties were equally important and dangerous, and the very nature of both types of mission required going in harm's way. A remarkable number of British, French and German two-seater teams managed to attain or exceed the five victories needed to achieve the acedom popularly associated with their single-seat nemeses, and in this book, with rich illustrations and first-hand accounts of the veterans themselves, they receive their long-overdue recognition. Many high-scoring single-seat fighter aces also began their careers in two-seaters, particularly in the early stages of the conflict, and their exploits as either pilots or observers are detailed here too.

Biographical Note

A resident of Leesburg, Virginia, Jon Guttman is research director and contributing writer for Weider History Publications. Specialising in World War 1 aviation, he has written 21 titles in the past, including SPAD VII Aces of WW1, Spad XII/XIII Aces of WW1, Balloon Buster Aces of WW1, Bristol Fighter Aces of WW1, Pusher Aces of WW1 and Naval Aces of WW1 pts 1 and 2 in the Osprey Aces series; SPA124 Lafayette Escadrille, Groupe de Combat 12 ‘Les Cigognes' and 1st Pursuit Group, USAS in the Aviation Elite Units series; and Sopwith Camel vs Fokker Dr I 1917-18, SPAD XIII vs Fokker D VII 1917-18, SE 5/5A vs Albatros D V 1917-18 and SPAD VII vs Albatros D III in Osprey's Duel series.Harry Dempsey is a talented profile artist who specializes in fighter aircraft of World War 1. He has illustrated all of Osprey's World War 1 Aircraft of the Aces titles to date.


Chapter 1: Not Exactly Helpless
Chapter 2: Britons in Harm's Way
Chapter 3: French Aces - Fighting Their Way Home
Chapter 4: Germans Under Fire
Chapter 5: Austria-Hungary's Old Reliables
Chapter 6: Aggressive Americans
Appendices -List of all two-seater aces -Plates commentary

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