Galloglass 1250–1600

Galloglass 1250–1600

Gaelic Mercenary Warrior

Warrior 143
  • Author: Fergus Cannan Braniff
  • Illustrator: Seán Ó’Brógáin
  • Short code: WAR 143
  • Publication Date: 10 Mar 2010
  • ISBN: 9781846035777
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 64
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About this Product

Galloglass, from the Gaelic gallóglaigh for 'foreign warriors', were mercenaries from the Western Isles of Scotland who fought in the retinues of Irish magnates from the mid-13th century until the early 17th century. This work looks at the clan and family structures of the galloglass, their performance in battle, their weapons and armor and how these were made and by whom. The unique fighting skills and tactics of the galloglass are also studied, as well as how they were organized on the battlefield and their command structures and systems of rank.

Biographical Note

Fergus Cannan (b. 1978) is an expert on armed conflict in the medieval Celtic west and a prolific historical writer, scholar and museum professional. His Gaelic forebears were involved in many of the events detailed in this book. He has also written a book about Scottish arms and armour, and presented a documentary about battles of the Scottish War for Independence featured on the Blu-ray release of Braveheart.


Training and Selection
Conditions of Service
On Campaign
The Galloglass Experience
Ethos and Motivation
Select Bibliography
Places to Visit

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