China’s Wars

China’s Wars

Rousing the Dragon 1894-1949

General Military
  • Author: Philip Jowett
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 20 Nov 2013
  • Number of Pages: 400
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China is one of the great powers of the modern world. Yet in the late 19th century China was a ramshackle and isolated medieval empire upon whom the European colonial powers could impose their wishes at will. China's Wars describes the series of conflicts from 1894 to 1949 that forged modern China, from colonial clashes such as the Boxer Rebellion, through the chaotic years of warlord domination to the Japanese invasion, the Second World War and the bitter Civil War that followed. Previously unpublished photographs, contemporary pictures and specially-commissioned maps illustrate these tumultuous events and the men who fought them, events that would end with the eventual triumph of the Communist Party and the rise of modern China.

Biographical Note

Philip Jowett was born in Leeds in 1961, and has been interested in military history for as long as he can remember. His first Osprey book was the ground-breaking Men-at-Arms 306: Chinese Civil War Armies 1911-49; he has since published the three-part sequence The Italian Army 1940-45 (Men-at-Arms 340, 349 and 353). A rugby league enthusiast and amateur genealogist, he is married and lives in Lincolnshire.


Introduction • Chapter 1: ‘Brutal Awakening', China 1894-1911 • Chapter 2: ‘Revolution', The Chinese Republic At War, 1911 -20 • Chapter 3: ‘High Warlordism', The Major Warlord Conflicts 1920 -28 • Chapter 4: ‘Undeclared Conflict', Japans Step By Step Aggression Against China, 1928 -37 • Chapter 5: ‘Full Scale War', The Sino-Japanese War 1937 - 41 • Chapter 6: ‘World War In The East', China As An Allied Power 1941-45 • Chapter 7: ‘Red Victory', Civil War 1945- 49 • Index

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