The Sudan Campaigns 1881–98

The Sudan Campaigns 1881–98

Men-at-Arms 59
  • Author: Robert Wilkinson-Latham
  • Illustrator: Michael Roffe
  • Short code: MAA 59
  • Publication Date: 25 Mar 1976
  • ISBN: 9780850452549
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 50
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About this Product

In the Sudan in 1881 an obscure son of a carpenter pronounced himself the ‘Mahdi' or ‘Guided One of the Prophet', the long-expected Messiah of the Islamic faith. His influence was so strong that Egypt (co-ruled by Britain and France) was plunged into war. Robert Wilkinson-Latham provides an absorbing account of the Sudan campaigns, including the siege of Khartoum, the unpredictable General Charles Gordon, and the Nile Expedition. The author details the organisation and fortunes of all forces involved, painting a fascinating picture of the place and its peoples from 1881-98.

Biographical Note

Robert Wilkinson-Latham specializes in military uniforms and weapons and has written many titles to include a multitude of historical events. His previous works for Osprey include the highly acclaimed ‘Napoleon's Artillery'. Michael Roffe is a talented illustrator of military subjects who has worked for Osprey for many years.


The British Army of the 1880's The Anglo-Egyptian Army The Dervish Army Egypt and the Sudan The Rise of Mahdism and the Arab Revolt The Sudan 1881-1883 The Sudan 1884 Gordon, Khartoum and the Nile Expedition After Khartoum 1885-1896 The Re-conquest of the Sudan 1896-1898 The Plates

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