At the Gates of Rome

At the Gates of Rome

The Fall of the Eternal City, AD 410

General Military
  • Author: Don Hollway
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 12 May 2022
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A dramatic retelling of the story of the final years of the Western Roman Empire and the downfall of Rome itself from the perspective of the Roman general Stilicho and Alaric, king of the Visigoths.

It took little more than a single generation for the centuries-old Roman Empire to fall. In those critical decades, while Christians and pagans, legions and barbarians, generals and politicians squabbled over dwindling scraps of power, two men - former comrades on the battlefield - rose to prominence on opposite sides of the great game of empire. Roman general Flavius Stilicho, the man behind the Roman throne, dedicated himself to restoring imperial glory, only to find himself struggling for his life against political foes. Alaric, King of the Goths, desired to be a friend of Rome, was betrayed by it, and given no choice but to become its enemy. Battling each other to a standstill, these two warriors ultimately overcame their differences in order to save the empire from enemies on all sides. And when one of them fell, the other took such vengeance as had never been seen in history.

Don Hollway, author of The Last Viking, combines ancient chroniclers' accounts of Stilicho and Alaric into an unforgettable history of betrayal, politics, intrigue and war for the heart and soul of the Roman Empire.

Biographical Note

Don Hollway is an author, illustrator, and historian. His first book, The Last Viking, is a gripping history of King Harald Hardrada which was acclaimed by bestselling author Stephen Harding and by Carl Gnam, editor of Military Heritage magazine. He is also a classical rapier fencer. He has published articles in History Magazine, Military Heritage, Military History, and Renaissance Magazine. His work is also available at He lives in Dallastown, PA, USA.


Dramatis Personae
List of Illustrations
Author's Note
Prologue: The Fall of Rome

PART ONE: AD 378-397
I. Adrianople
II. Foederati
III. A World Divided
IV. Leaders
V. The Battle of the Frigidus
VI. Pater Patriae

PART TWO: AD 395-408
VII. Invaders
VIII. Betrayal
IX. Triumvirate
X. Enemies on All Sides
XI. Barring the Gates
XII. Barbarians Ascendant
XIII. Uprising
XIV. The World Turns
XV. Invasion
XVI. Death Renders All Equal
XVII. "Everything Will Fall to Pieces”
XVIII. Radagaisus
XIX. Annus Horribilis
XX. Contenders for the Throne
XXI. Overthrow
XXII. Downfall

PART THREE: AD 408-410

XXIII. The New Order
XXIV. The March on Rome
XXV. First Siege
XXVI. Poena Cullei
XXVII. Second Siege
XXVIII. Third Siege
XXIX. The Graveyard of the Romans
XXX. Finis

Epilogue: The Triumph of Barbarism

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