Peter Munter

Peter is a true veteran of historical- and strategy-games in Finland. He founded a play by mail business in the times before internet and worked extensively as writer and translator of roleplaying supplements in the late 80s. Peter has also won a Finnish Sci-Fi writing award. During the 90’s Peter scripted and organised some of the biggest historical re-enactment events in Finland, several of them at the request of the local council. The premise of these events was to make Finland’s history more approachable to school children in form of “re-enactment and role-play”, some of the productions were done together with the National Theatre to create a more authentic historical setting and atmosphere. Peter is an ex-Marine from the Finnish Navy and currently works as a Managing Director in a games retail chain that he established with Vesa in 1997. The chain is still going strong today. Peter lives in Lahti, Finland with his three children: Folke (16), Noora (14) and Niklas (12).