Rome at War

Rome at War

General Military
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  • Publication Date: 23 Aug 2018
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The Roman Empire was the greatest the world has ever seen, and its legendary military might was the foundation of this success.
This compact volume tells the fascinating story of the major conflicts that shaped the empire, from Julius Caesar's bloody Gallic Wars and the Civil War against Pompey that left the victorious Caesar Dictator of Rome, through the wars of expansion to its decline and fragmentation. Beautiful full colour artwork of the soldiers and battles bring the Roman world to life, along with images and colour maps.

Biographical Note

Kate Gilliver is a senior lecturer in Ancient History at Cardiff University and author of The Roman Art of War (1999). She has written several books and articles on Ancient Rome and was the historical consultant for a BBC Timewatch programme on Roman soldiers. Adrian Goldsworthy's doctoral thesis formed the basis for his first book, The Roman Army at War 100 BC-AD 200 (OUP, 1996). His research has focused on aspects of warfare in the Greco-Roman world, and he has also written Roman Warfare (Cassell, 2000) and The Punic Wars (Cassell, 2000). Michael Whitby was formerly Professor of Classics and Ancient History at Warwick and is now pro-vice-chancellor and head of the College of Arts and Law at the University of Birmingham. He has published several articles on late Roman warfare and been involved as co-editor in The Cambridge Ancient History XIV: AD 425-600 (2000).


Caesar's Gallic Wars 58-50BC
Caesar's Civil War 49-44 BC
The early Empire
Rome at War AD 293-696

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