Paul Edwards

PhD in History from St. Andrews University (Scotland), retired professor at Graceland University, and currently senior fellow at the Center for the Study of the Korean War. The author has published fourteen non-fiction works on the Korean War: Between the Lines of World War II (McFarland); Historical Dictionary of the Korean War (Scarecrow Press); Small United States and United Nations Ships During the Korean War. (McFarland); The Hill Wars of the Korean Conflict (McFarland); Combat Operations in the Korean War (McFarland); American Soldier’s Lives: The Korean War (Greenwood); Korean War Almanac (Facts on File); To Acknowledge a War (Greenwood); A to Z of the Korean War (Scarecrow Press); The Korean War (Krieger Publishing); A Guide to Films on the Korean War (Greenwood); The Inchon Landing (Greenwood); The Hermit Kingdom: Poems of the Korean War (Kendall-Hart); General Matthew Ridgway (Greenwood)