Hitler's War on Russia 1941-45

General Military
  • Author: Charles Winchester
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 15 Jan 2000
  • ISBN: 9781841760667
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 160
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About this Product

The Eastern Front was the decisive theatre of World War 2 and the largest land campaign in history. Ostfront is a detailed account of Hilter's flawed invasion of Russia, where the German army and Luftwaffe fought the Red Army across a 1,200 mile frontier, in conditions ranging from baking heat to -40ºC.

Biographical Note

Charles Winchester is a military writer of long-standing, with a particular interest in the Eastern Front battles of World War II. He has published a number of books and articles on 19th and 20th century military history. His topics are as diverse as the Russo-Turkish War, the Infantry of the Confederacy, German WWI assault troops and the Second World War on the Russian Front.


Introduction Hitler and the Wehrmacht The Red Army To the Gates of Moscow Attack and Counter-attack Verdun on the Volga: Stalingrad The Correlation of Forces The Last Blitzkrieg The Writing on the Wall Prussian Roulette Goodbye to Berlin Notes Index Select Bibliography

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