October Sale - 20% Air Vanguard, New Vanguard and Weapon series.


October Sale

This October, we are offering all website customers 20% off hundreds of books and eBooks in our Air VanguardNew Vanguard and Weapon series.

As always Gold and Silver members can take advantage of the sale alongside their existing membership discounts.

Kindly note that pre-order books and titles publishing in October 2020 are excluded from the sale.

There is a fantastic range of titles available in the sale and you can browse each series by selecting the 'Browse by Series' box on the left hand side of the homepage, or you can click on the series links below.


Air Vanguard

Each book provides a detailed technical overview of some of the iconic aircrafts used in battle, and how they developed technically throughout their combat history.


Avro Lancaster Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

Mitsubishi A6M Zero


USN McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II


New Vanguard

Featuring specially commissioned full colour artworks, including exploded and cutaway diagrams, books in Osprey’s New Vanguard series reveals the design and development history behind some of the greatest war machines of history, from Viking longships and the tanks deployed during the World Wars through to the UAVs and high-tech armour in use in today's conflicts.


The Royal Netherlands Navy of World War II  World War II German Super-Heavy Siege Guns Combat Vehicles Cover US Navy Battleships 1886-98 Cover


The Weapon series looks at the most important, famous and infamous weapons throughout history. Using a combination of photography and classic Osprey artwork, this series examines the full story of each weapon, beginning with its design and development, following through its operational history, and finally analyzing its impact on warfare and violence. 


PIAT Cover The Medieval Longsword The Spatha Book Cover The Arisaka Rifle