Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carriers

Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carriers

New Vanguard 174
  • Author: Brad Elward
  • Illustrator: Paul Wright
  • Short code: NVG 174
  • Publication Date: 20 Nov 2010
  • Number of Pages: 48
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The Nimitz class aircraft carrier is the ultimate symbol of the United States superpower status. A true behemoth, this is an unsurpassed weapons platform that overshadows all of its nearest rivals. A history of the world's largest aircraft carriers, with runways over 300 meters long, this book looks at the development and deployment of the nuclear-powered Nimitz class aircraft carriers from 1975 when the USS Nimitz, the lead ship of the class, was commissioned, to the present day. All of the class are still operational and the tenth and last of the class, the USS George H. W. Bush, was commissioned in 2009. Here, Brad Elward provides a detailed overview of their design and development, highlighting their unique features, from jet blast deflectors to cutting edge radar systems, and a history of the Nimitz class in service, from deployment in the Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, through to the enforcement of the no fly zone over Bosnia.

Biographical Note

Brad Elward is an attorney practicing appellate law in Peoria, Illinois, USA. He is also a freelance writer of military aviation books and articles, having published five books and over twenty military aviation articles. His books have covered the Navy F-4 Phantom II and A-4 Skyhawk in Vietnam and the history of the F/A-18 Hornet. Brad's articles, written largely for Combat Aircraft, World Air Power Journal, and International Air Power Review, have focused on the Hornet and Super Hornet, the electronic-warfare variant EA-18G, the S-3 Viking and P-3 Orion, and the F-14 Tomcat. He has also written on the B-1, B-2, and various missile programs.Paul Wright has painted ships of all kinds for most of his career, specialising in steel and steam warships from the late 19th century to the present day. Paul's art has illustrated the works of Patrick O'Brien, Dudley Pope and C.S. Forester amongst others, and hangs in many corporate and private collections all over the world. A Member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, Paul lives and works in Surrey.


DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT: The Development of Nimitz, Design Considerations, Carrier Systems, The Various Subclasses - Nimitz, Roosevelt, Bush, Carrier Air Wings, The Concept of the Carrier Battle Group
The Carriers, Nimitz Carriers in Desert Storm, No-Fly Enforcement and Bosnia
Kosovo, Nimitz' Respond to Terror, The Surge Concept
A. Carrier Air Wing Assignments and Cruises
B. Carrier Commanding Officers and Air Wing Commanders
C. Carrier Deployment Schedules

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