Niagara 1814

Niagara 1814

The final invasion

Campaign 209
  • Author: Jon Latimer
  • Illustrator: Graham Turner
  • Short code: CAM 209
  • Publication Date: 10 May 2009
  • ISBN: 9781846034398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 96
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About this Product

The War of 1812 has the strange distinction of being largely forgotten by both of its main participants, and yet its outcome was critically important to the future of North America. In 1814, the Americans launched a last offensive in an attempt to seize Canada. This Niagara campaign saw a number of pitched battles including Chippawa, Lundy's Lane, and Cook's Mill, where the Americans, under competent leaders such as Winfield Scott, matched the British shot for shot. However, due to poor planning the campaign failed and Canada survived as an independent state. A critically-acclaimed researcher on the War of 1812, author John Latimer presents a new look at an oft forgotten yet crucially important campaign in the history of North America.

Biographical Note

Jon Latimer was born in Wales in 1964. He attended Swansea University in 1982 and worked as an oceanographer and environmental scientist. Jon served in the Territorial Army for 16 years as an officer in The Royal Welch Fusiliers and 4th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Wales. Jon was the author of Campaign 73: Operation Compass 1940 and Campaign 80: Tobruk 1941 for Osprey. He also wrote Deception in War (John Murray, 2001), Alamein (John Murray, 2002) and Burma: The Forgotten War (John Murray, 2004) as well as lecturing part-time with the History Department at Swansea University. His last book, 1812: War with America (Harvard University Press, 2007) was shortlisted for the George Washington Book Prize and won a Distinguished Book Award from the Society for Military History. Jon passed away suddenly in January 2009.Graham Turner is a leading historical artist, specialising in the medieval period. He has illustrated numerous titles for Osprey, covering a wide variety of subjects from the dress of the 10th-century armies of the Caliphates, through the action of bloody medieval battles, to the daily life of the British Redcoat of the late 18th century. The son of the illustrator Michael Turner, Graham lives and works in Buckinghamshire, UK.


Origins of the campaign
Opposing commanders
Opposing armies
Orders of battle
Opposing plans
The campaign
The battlefield today
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