Napoleon's German Allies (1)

Napoleon's German Allies (1)

Westfalia and Kleve-Berg

Men-at-Arms 44
  • Author: Otto von Pivka
  • Illustrator: Richard Scollins
  • Short code: MAA 44
  • Publication Date: 30 Apr 1992
  • ISBN: 9780850452112
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

Austria's defeat at the battle of Hohenlinden, on 3 December 1800, created a power vacuum in the area now known as Germany, and Napoleon lost little time in transforming this zone into a pro-French 'cordon sanitaire', creating as he did so the Duchy of Berg, which he later united with Kleve. Like Kleve-Berg, Westfalia was also ruled entirely according to French law, and both provided troops for the French Emperor. In this first of five volumes concerning Napoleon's German allies, Otto Von Pivka explores the Napoleonic campaigns, uniforms, flags and standards of Westfalia and Kleve-Berg.

Biographical Note

Otto von Pivka (the nom de plume of Digby Smith) wrote his first title for Osprey Publishing in 1972 (The Black Brunswickers, in the Men-at-Arms series). He is a prolific author, who has contributed many titles to the Men-at-Arms series on the armies and forces of the Napoleonic Wars. A former major in the British Army, he is now retired, but continues to write books on this key period. Richard Scollins was one of the most popular artists ever to work for Osprey. Rick was born in 1946 and pursued a career as an artist after four years at art college and a postgraduate teaching course at Cardiff. Rick quickly developed a distinct style and, despite being a pacifist, he gained a feel for military subjects. Rick's artwork was always realistic and is highly sought after by collectors. Rick Scollins died on 7 December 1992.


Napoleon's German Allies Formation of the Army of Berg Origins of the Westfalian Army Uniforms of the Westfalian Army Flags and Standards of the Westfalian Army Uniforms of the Army of Berg Flags and Standards of the Grand Duchy of Berg Campaigns of the Westfalian Army Russia, 1812 Campaigns of the Troops of Berg The Regiment Westfalen The Plates

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