Moscow 1941

Moscow 1941

Hitler’s first defeat

Campaign 167
  • Author: Robert Forczyk
  • Illustrator: Howard Gerrard
  • Short code: CAM 167
  • Publication Date: 12 Apr 2006
  • ISBN: 9781846030178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 96
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About this Product

Suffering a staggering loss of over 2 million troops by September 1941, Soviet forces were faced with the prospect of Hitler victoriously re-directing his powerful German armies toward the heart of Soviet Russia - Moscow. However, the season was late and the Germans found themselves in a race to launch a final decisive attack before the arrival of the dreaded Russian winter. Stalin desperately sought to play for time by mustering all available military resources to save his capital. This book is the story of Operation Typhoon, the largest German operational attack of the war and Hitler's desperate attempt to seize Moscow. With expert knowledge of the subject, author Robert A. Forczyk successfully manages to bring to life the battle which saw the most horrific losses for the Soviet defending forces and marked the first defeat of the Wehrmacht.

Biographical Note

ROBERT FORCZYK has a BA in History from the University of Notre Dame, an MA from the University of Virginia and a PhD in International Relations and National Security from the University of Maryland. He is a retired US Army lieutenant colonel and served in armour and intelligence roles. Dr Forczyk is a specialist in Asian and European military history and currently works as a consultant in the Washington, DC, area.Howard Gerrard studied at the Wallasey School of Art and has been a freelance designer and illustrator for over 20 years. He has won both the Society of British Aerospace Companies Award and the Wilkinson Sword Trophy and has illustrated a number of books for Osprey including Campaign 69: ‘Nagashino 1575' and Campaign 72: ‘Jutland 1916'. Howard lives and works in Kent.


Origins of the campaign
Opposing plans
Opposing leaders
Opposing forces
The surprise offensive 30 September-15 October 1941
War of attrition 24 October-14 November 1941
Typhoon's last gasp 15 November-5 December 1941
Desperate days 5-15 December 1941
The battlefield today
Further reading

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