Midway 1942

Midway 1942

Turning Point in the Pacific

Campaign 30
  • Author: Mark Healy
  • Short code: CAM 30
  • Publication Date: 27 Jan 1993
  • ISBN: 9781855323353
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 96
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About this Product

One of the most important naval battles in history, Midway was fought barely six months after the devastating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The badly damaged USS Yorktown was repaired in just 48 hours and with Enterprise and Hornet set out to meet the Japanese. In a battle marked by great heroism on both sides the United States dealt a devastating blow to the Imperial Japanese Fleet sinking four of her most powerful carriers. In this superbly illustrated volume Mark Healy tells the whole story; espionage, daring, luck and extreme heroism. A fascinating read supplemented by genuine photographs of the battle in progress.

Biographical Note

Mark Healy was born in 1953. He has a Master's degree in Political Theology from Bristol University. He is by profession a schoolteacher and is head of the Humanities faculty in a large school in Somerset. He has written a number of Osprey titles including Elite 40 New Kingdom Egypt and Campaign 16 Kursk 1943. He has a great interest in both the ancient and modern periods, is married with one son and lives in Dorset.


Prelude to Midway
The US Preparations
The Opposing Plans
The Opposing Commanders
The Opposing Naval Air Arms
The Battle: 3 June
The Battle: 4 June
The Aftermath
A Guide to Further Reading
Wargaming Midway

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