Mariusz Mielczarek

Born in 1955, Mariusz Mielczarek studied archaeology at Lodz University, Poland, and is currently professor of Archaeology at Torun University, Poland. He has taken part in many digs, and over the past few years has conducted expeditions to the northern Black Sea coast of the Ukraine. His research interests centre on Ancient Greece, particularly its military history and numistmatics. He has contributed numerous articles to historical and numismatic journals, and his monographs include ‘Cataphracti and Clibanarii: Studies on the Heavy Armoured Cavalry of the Ancient World’ (Lodz, 1993); ‘Armes grecques, scythes et sarmates du littoral semptentrional de la Mer Noire dans la collection du Musée de l'Armée Polonaise’ (Torun, 1995); and ‘The Army of the Bosporan Kingdom’ (Lodz, 1999).

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